Larry Elder Banned From Running For California Governor…And That’s A Good Thing

Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder says the California law used to disqualify him from being on the ballot for the recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom was originally passed by state lawmakers to force then-President Donald Trump to turn over his tax returns if he wanted to qualify for the 2020 presidential ballot. Elder, one of the most recognized Republicans in the recall, announced his candidacy on July 12 to oust Newsom. But his campaign office was informed late Sunday night that Elder did not qualify for the ballot for the Sept. 14 election. 

Sure, California Gov. Gavin Newsom needs to go, but he doesn’t need to be replaced by the likes of Larry Elder. Elder is a pompous ass, the type of Black, self-hating, right-wing extremist (like Candace Owens and Michelle Malkin) who really think that racism no longer exists in this country. I mean, like most conservatives, I hate race-baiters. And while things have improved here and we’re long past the Jim Crow era, the idea that people of color in America are no longer being discriminated against for their skin color is a complete and utter fallacy that Elder spouts every time he opens his mouth. Screw him.

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    • No, its because Elder’s a pompous ass. If it had anything to do with him being Black then I wouldn’t consider the likes of Thomas Sowell, Star Parker, Sen. Tim Scott, Ben Carson and Alveda King to be amongst my heroes.


      • Way to completely go against your own rhetoric and oppress a black man from running for public office just because he’s “pompous”. Your argument is weak and based on the same regurgitated rhetoric that’s been spewn over and over again by you commies. Way to keep the black man down, traitorous wretch.


      • “oppress a black man”?!? How can I ‘oppress’ a man that lives in a different state from me? Then too how can I oppress anyone period? Anyway I’ve never liked Elder and since when does a conservative have to like every single conservative pundit or speaker or pol out there? That said, I still want Gavin Newsom to be replaced as CA gov because he’s horrible, just not by Elder. I’m rooting for Kevin Kiley.


  1. Ironic. Banning a man that happens to be black while also complaining about racism. He won the law suit. It be great if He won.


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