Press Secretary Jen Psaki Confirms that Texas Democrats Infected Both WH and Nancy Pelosi Staffers with COVID-19

At the White House briefing on Tuesday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed to reporters that a White House staffer has tested positive for Covid-19 after meeting with the Democrats who fled Texas to prevent a quorum on voting legislation. She also revealed that other staffers have tested positive, something that had previously not been shared with the press. The news of the new infections resulting from the interactions of the Texas Democrats who took a maskless flight to D.C. before meeting with various officials comes just hours after it was reported and confirmed that an aide to Speaker Nancy Pelosi also tested positive after the same get-together.

Amazing what the response would be from the press if this were 50 maskless Republicans who fled a state on a private plane over a bill they didn’t like and spread Covid all the way to the White House.

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