Idiot Former President Trump Sides with Woke Disney in their Fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Former President Donald Trump took a swipe at his fellow Floridian and expected rival for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, mocking Gov. Ron DeSantis over his spat with Disney in a Truth Social post Tuesday morning. The Florida governor has been battling Mickey Mouse for about a year, ever since the prior Disney CEO Bob Chapek issued a press release criticizing the Parental Rights in Education bill (dubbed “Don’t Say Gay” bill by many of its critics) after it passed.

That’s it, i’m done with Trump. I mean I’ll still support him if I feel he’s being unfairly targeted by the Left. But as someone who abhors wokeness and as someone who understands the type of damage Joe Biden is heaping on his country with his policies, i can’t continue to side with a man who attacks fellow Republicans more than he does anti-God liberals. Much less attacks a respectable guy in DeSantis who more than anyone is fighting wokeness with every tooth and nail.

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  1. Red flag on Trump for excusing Disney. He must have money bleeding out of somewhere… Who cares about property and profits when there is trafficking and indoctrination? Aside from that, Ron is NOT losing, Trump just wants him to. Red flag on Trump… Red flag and mouse ears.

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