RINO Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Attacks Ron DeSantis, Calls Florida Parental Rights Bill ‘absurd’ After Admitting That He Hadn’t Read It

Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan derided Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill as “absurd” Sunday, saying it would not have been passed in his state. “I didn’t really actually see the details of the legislation, but the whole thing seems like a crazy fight,” Hogan said. “And now he wants to criticize Disney for expressing how they feel about that bill. I mean, they have every right to. We have a thing called freedom of speech. They can come out and say what they think.” Hogan made the statement during an appearance on CNN on Sunday, moments after claiming he wasn’t familiar with the details of the legislation.

First, what a tool, going on CNN to diss a fellow GOP governor plays right into the liberal network’s hands. Secondly, I hope DeSantis responds right back to this idiot who didn’t even bother to read the bill before dissing it. Third, if this ass-hat thinks dissing Trump and MAGA all the time while going for the ‘principled conservative’ spot in the run for President in 2024. he has zero chance at winning.

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