Virginia Candidate for Governor Terry McAuliffe Does An About-Face On Parents Having a Say in Their Kid’s Education

Democrats were already reaching for the Maalox as they saw polls showing a tight race in the Virginia governor’s race, when the once (and possibly future) governor Terry McAuliffe handed Republicans a gift of great price. Speaking at a debate late last month, McAuliffe responded to the culture war seizing public education — a fight largely centered on racial matters — by saying, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” Whether it’s a reasonable position or not, within a day, the campaign of McAuliffe’s opponent, Glenn Youngkin, launched a six-figure digital ad buy highlighting the comment. By mid-October, it had become the centerpiece of the Republican’s campaign.

I don’t know why Republicans can’t do a better job of showing Black voters how Democrats just use them for their votes. Joe Biden and that phony Kamala Harris have done jack shit for Blacks since they took office, the GOP needs to exploit that to their advantage in Virginia.

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