IMF: Credit Scores Should be Based on Browsing History

A post from the International Monetary Fund suggests that it would be a good idea to base your credit score on your browsing habits. If the idea is followed, it could mean some serious changes in the way credit is obtained and mean you could be denied a mortgage based on what you were viewing. Four researchers presented their findings from a working paper that examines the current relationship between finance and tech and sees the possibility of using the data from your browsing, search, and purchase history to create a more accurate mechanism for determining the credit rating of an individual or business.

Yeah, that’s just what you need if you’re a conservative, some deranged liberal like Maxine Waters checking your web browsing, search and purchase history and wrecking havoc on your financial future because they don’t like your politics.
RELATED: Congress considers credit-reporting overhaul, including putting government in charge of scores

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