Idiot, Race Card Thrower Jemele Hill Calls Joe Manchin a ‘Power-Hungry White Dude’ Upholding ‘White Supremacy’

Journalist Jemele Hill was a trending topic on Monday after ripping into Sen. Joe Manchin over the subject of his own weekend trending status as the Democrat who won’t support the ‘For the People Act’ or ending the filibuster. When Manchin made news, again, for the question that reporters have been asking him repeatedly and getting the same answer for over and over, it was in the context of an op-ed that published over the weekend in which he laid out his position on voting for the controversial and sweeping elections omnibus Democrats have put hopelessly before Congress and the people.

Jemele Hill is not only an idiot, but a simpleton. In her woke world, anyone who disagrees with her is a white supremacist. Mind you, up until now Manchin voted with Biden 100% of the time and voted to impeach Trump twice.

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