Far-Left Network CNN Falls Out of Cable’s Top Five Networks in Primetime

Total daytime viewership fell by 22% in May compared to April, and even more (28%) among viewers aged 25-54, the most coveted viewing demographic. The number of people tuning in for prime time also fell in May, causing CNN to crash out of the top 5 cable networks in prime time for the first time in months. All three major cable news networks saw their audiences shrink over the last month, perhaps in part because casual viewers who tuned in to watch coverage of the Derek Chauvin trial in April tuned out in May.

The days of CNN being a network that stayed professional and called it down the middle ended when Trump took office. Now it’s just a network of pure and utter snark to go along with hatred towards conservatives/GOP/Fox News and of course Trump. And while we’ve long expected that level of vitriol to come from liberal MSNBC, the idiots at CNN just don’t get why people liked them in the first place.

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