Reddit User Claims NYC Homeless Chokehold Victim Jordan Neely Tried to Push Straphanger Onto Subway Tracks Day Before He Died

The day before a homeless man went on a scary rant on the subway that ultimately resulted in his death, he nearly pushed someone to the tracks at the same station, according to a Reddit user who posted about the incident. Jordan Neely was allegedly hanging around the Broadway-Lafayette station in Lower Manhattan Sunday night, the person wrote on Reddit.

Jordan Neely should be alive…and in prison. He didn’t deserve to die, but he from his 40-plus arrest record (some of which were for some pretty violent crimes) Neely shouldn’t have been allowed to scare and terrorize passengers on subway trains anymore. And now that he’s dead the usual assortment of professional race-baiters who wouldn’t give a shit about Neely if it was another black man who killed him, now wanna whitewash Neely’s life, pull out the race card and scream ‘justice’ will their collective face’s turn blue? Well, screw them.

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