Politik Ditto: In The News – Week of 4/23/2023

A list of links to news, current events, opinions and other conservative-related happenings that took place during the past week that the far-Left, mainstream media either refused to talk about or purposely downplayed.

Loyal Bed Bath & Beyond NYC customers ‘devastated’ after bankruptcy filing

Lax law enforcement is helping antisemitic attacks reach new heights

Of course Biden officials are interfering in his son’s case — why else has Hunter skated for five years?

Biden betrayed Joe Manchin, as Dems purge party of moderates

‘NO! NO! NO!’ Lindsey Graham Snaps at CNN’s Dana Bash in Fiery Interview on Late-Term Abortion

Senate Democrats Once Again Dance Around Uncomfortable Questions On Dianne Feinstein Amid Continued Senate Absence

Outraged Blue Checks Get Their Badges Back and Really REALLY Want You to Know They Didn’t Pay $8 For Them

Newsom Is Finally Taking Action Against the State’s Deadly Fentanyl Crisis

Democrat-Led Oregon Stockpiles Three-Year Supply of Abortion Pills, Equalling Over 2,000 Abortions

John Fetterman Faces Heat After Posting Photo Holding a Controversial Flag

DeSantis PAC: We’ll help pay to move Trump to California

From Country Stars To Restaurant Chains, The Bud Light Backlash Isn’t Slowing Down

Psaki Lets AOC Claim Tucker Incites Violence, Regulate TV News

Ukraine’s Long-Awaited Counteroffensive Begins, Troops Move Into Kherson

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