NBA Star Patrick Beverley Blames Bad Parenting and Rap Music for League Bad Boy Ja Morant’s Behavior Problems

Nonetheless, Morant’s behavior has been troubling, and a fellow NBA player has ideas of where it’s stemming from. Patrick Beverley, now with the Chicago Bulls, says Morant’s actions are due to parenting and the type of music he listens to. “Lost his mind. Parenting, parenting,” Beverley told Barstool Sports earlier this week before pivoting to Morant’s surroundings. “Fame mixed with success mixed with a ton of money mixed with a ton of freedom in the wrong hands, it’s not a good poster,” Beverley said.

I don’t understand how you can make the kind of money Ja Morant makes for playing basketball and still want to act like a thug on and off the court. If he was a drill rapper that’d be one thing, but he’s far from that.

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