Politik Ditto: In The News – Week of 3/12/2023

A list of links to news, current events, opinions and other conservative-related happenings that took place during the past week that the far-Left, mainstream media either refused to talk about or purposely downplayed.

More on the Stanford Law School mess: Is the juice worth the squeeze? (Update: An apology)

Matt Taibbi Calls Out ‘Outrageous’ Democrat Conduct At Twitter Hearing

Fox News’ Kurtz Breaks Network’s Silence on Dominion Suit

Saudi Arabia joins the new Axis of Evil

The greatest self-own

Pence leaps toward presidential bid with Gridiron Dinner jokes aimed at Trump, Buttigieg

Democrats Are Terrified Of An Educated And Informed Public

Yellen Makes the Right Call Over Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Without Evidence, ABC’s Martha Raddatz Blames Trump for SVB Collapse

Russian Advance Stalls in Ukraine’s Bakhmut, Think Tank Says

The New York Times Shocking Profile on John Fetterman

Biden’s making gov’t discriminate by race — he needs to stop

Newest political party on ballot in three states has Democrats terrified

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