Liberal Actress Jane Fonda Suggests on ‘The View’ That Pro-Lifers Be Murdered

Jane Fonda sent The View into a mini panic on Friday when she awkwardly revealed she’s “thought of murder” when asked what she recommends to fight for abortion rights beyond “marching and protesting.” Fonda joined The View with comic co-star Lily Tomlin. The two star together in the new film Moving On and during a discussion about that film’s writer/director, Paul Weitz, another collaboration between the filmmaker and Tomlin was brought up. In the 2015 feature Grandma, Tomlin stars as a woman trying to help her granddaughter raise funds for an abortion.

Fonda just said out loud how liberals really think. Liberals for the most part want conservatives dead, that’s just a fact. They don’t believe in God. They have no morals and they don’t tolerate anyone who disagrees with them. So it’s not projection to say that liberals really are evil.

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