Mega-Rich Guy Al Gore is Still Out There Berating People and Lying About Climate Change

It isn’t just the hanging chads, though, that have become unhinged, but Gore himself. In an extraordinary speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, an increasingly crimson Gore angrily berated the rest of the world – Greta Thunberg and other youthful activists excepted – for failing to realise just how close we are to climate apocalypse. ‘People are familiar with the thin blue line which astronauts bring back in their pictures from space,’ he began. ‘That’s the part of the atmosphere which has the oxygen and it’s only 5 to 7 km thick. That’s what we are using as an open sewer.’   

In 2006 while promoting his Oscar-winning doc ‘An Incovenience Truth’, Gore said unless we took ‘drastic measures’ to combat greenhouse hasses, the world would end in 10 years…in other words he’s a liar and an asshole.

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