Black Hollyweird Actress Janelle Monae Still Identifies as ‘Nonbinary Queer’, Refuses to Accept God in Her Life

Janelle Monáe is calling on everyone to love their authentic selves. The singer and Glass Onion actress, 37, received the seventh annual SeeHer Award at the Critics Choice Awards Sunday night, starting her speech by clarifying that her pronouns are “she/her, they/them and free-ass m—–f—-r.” “I try to make an effort in my work … to highlight the ones who have been pushed to the margins of society, who’ve been outcast or relegated to ‘the other,’ ” said Monáe. “This is a deeply personal choice for me because I grew up to working-class parents: My mother was a janitor, my father was a trash man, and my grandmother was a sharecropper in Aberdeen, Mississippi.”

It’s a shame what Hollyweird andthe Godless cult of white liberalism has done to someone as talented as Janelle Monae. And while at 37, she’s probably too stuck in her ways to change, it’s never too late to find and accept God in your life. That being said, humans can not change sex and don’t expect people to accept what you label yourself when you can’t accept what God has made you, which is a woman.

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