Kate Winslet Finally Weighs in on Infamous ‘Titanic’ Door Debate

Near, far wherever you are, Kate Winslet won’t let the “Titanic” door debate go on. Kate Winslet, 47, floated her opinion Saturday on the infamous “Titanic” door debate using her experience with paddle boarding while appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast. The debate — which has been going on for nearly 25 years since the film’s release — first floated to the surface during the climatic scene of James Cameron’s “Titanic,” where Rose (played by Winslet) is laying on a shattered door leaving her love interest Jack ( played by Leo DiCaprio) to freeze in the water.

I don’t care if he could’ve fit on the door or not. The fact that Rose didn’t even offer Jack to come up on the door just made Rose a selfish b-tch to me.

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