Politik Ditto: In The News – Week of 12/18/2022

A list of links to news, current events, opinions and other conservative-related happenings that took place during the past week that the far-Left, mainstream media either refused to talk about or purposely downplayed.

Taylor Lorenz suspended from Twitter, points finger at Elon Musk

North Carolina supreme court strikes down voter ID law in absurd decision

SBF on extradition: On second thought…

CNN honcho: “So much of what passes for news is name-calling, half-truths and desperation”

Joe Manchin Refuses to Answer Whether He Is Going to Leave the Democratic Party Or Not

GOP To Release a 100 Page Rebuttal to Jan. 6

Let’s Talk About Joe Biden’s Millionth Embarrassing Gaffe

Soros-Funded Wikipedia Casts Musk Journo Suspensions as ‘Thursday Night Massacre’

Rep. Gonzalez: ‘Hurricane of Migrants’ Led to El Paso Emergency

Is Chuck Schumer going to let Big Tech quash popular antitrust reform?

GOP will pursue ‘secret files’ of FBI contacts with Big Tech: Rep. Mike Turner

ABC’s Raddatz Confronts TX Gov. Abbott in Testy Exchange on Immigration: It’s You, Trump and DeSantis Talking About ‘Open Borders,’ Not Biden

Why the media ignored female black cop Melvina Bogard’s shooting of unarmed white man Ariel Roman

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