‘Twitter Files’ Prove That Donald Trump was Removed from Twitter by Far-Left ‘Activist Employees’ Even Though ‘He Didn’t Violate The Rules’

Elon Musk celebrated the latest installment of the so-called ‘Twitter Files’ for purportedly showing that Donald Trump was banned from Twitter even though the social media platform’s top brass could not state a clear justification to do so. Bari Weiss published a thread containing the 5th installment of the ‘Twitter Files’ on Monday, which focused on deliberations at Twitter about permanently banning Trump in the aftermath of January 6th. At issue were Trump’s final 2 tweets before he was forced off of the platform until Musk reinstated him only weeks ago.

They literally let a handful of world leaders who were threatening to murder people stay on their platform, but banned Trump over January 6th.

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