Politik Ditto: In The News – Week of 12/11/2022

A list of links to news, current events, opinions and other conservative-related happenings that took place during the past week that the far-Left, mainstream media either refused to talk about or purposely downplayed.

Rep. Perry to Newsmax: ‘Pattern of Weakness’ Shown in Griner Release

CBS Fawns over Pelosi: Understatement She’s World’s Most Powerful Woman

NBC’s Todd Worries: Can Dems Win Without Demonizing Trump?

Help is on the way for Hunter Biden as teams of supporters go on the offense

This is what it takes for Los Angeles to clear a homeless encampment

Hero of the Left, Rebekah Jones, pleads guilty to computer crimes

We have the Lockerbie bombmaker in U.S. custody

Ronna McDaniel Calls For Unity Among the Republican Party

The Twitter Files That Really Have Leftists Worried

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle warned not to attend King Charles’ coronation after Netflix docuseries drop

Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna backs The Post, says Twitter was ‘wrong to censor newspapers’

Bernie Sanders Promises ‘Hard Look’ at Supporting a Challenger Against ‘Corporate Democrat’ Kyrsten Sinema

Schiff Pushes Back When CBS Anchor Brennan Asks What Does Jan. 6 Committee Criminal Referral ‘Do Other Than Look Political?’

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