NHL-Supported Trans Hockey Game Results in Traumatic Head Injury to Female Player

The so-called “trans” tournament, featured a “Team Black” vs. “Team Pink” game that included the Boston-based “Team Trans” organization, which describes itself as “New England’s first LGBTQ+ hockey club.” Sure enough, a video first posted by Quillette shows player #90 on Team Pink, described as a “bisexual trans woman” (man) shoving #91 on Team Black, described as a “female-to-male” (woman). The male athlete can be seen pushing the female athlete to the ice and then into the boards, resulting in a concussion. It reportedly took more than 17 minutes to get the female player stretchered and taken off the ice.

The big question here what made the NHL go woke in the first place? And the easy answer is pressure from the liberal elite and the Canadian government (led by uber-liberal PM Justin Trudeau) to get with the times and ‘diversify’ ‘cuz yunno the NHL, with its conservative fan base has been predominately white for far too long. Of course the irony with that is that most black people don’t like hockey, much less watch it. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But a sport filled with way too many straight white dudes is way too much for the woke crowd and thus, here we are.

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