Democrat Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema Shakes Up Senate by Switching to Independent

Senator Kyrsten Sinema no longer considers herself a Democrat, telling Politico that she now identifies as an Independent, making the small Democratic majority in the Senate even smaller. Democrats held a 51-49 lead Following Rev. Raphael Warnock’s run-off win against Herschel Walker, which now appears to be 50-49 with Sinema as an Independent.

That little rain you felt falling on your head earler today was actually liberal tears after hearing this news. That said, Sinema is just being strategic here. I mean, she votes with Biden 93% of the time and that ain’t gonna change anytime soon. But because Simena isn’t a total hack and actually thinks on her own sometimes, liberals hate her guts and want to primary her in Arizona. So two years before she’s up for re-election, Simena leaves the Dems and goes indy with a better shot of getting another term.

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