Kanye West Gets Himself Suspended from Twitter…Again, After Posting Picture of the Swastika Photoshopped Inside of the Star of David

Kanye West has once again been suspended from Twitter for violating the social media platform’s rule against the incitement of violence. West posted an image of the swastika photoshopped inside of the Star of David on Twitter Thursday night, hours after he professed his admiration for the Third Reich and its leader during a bizarre appearance with Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes.

Kanye West imo is NOT suffering from any kind of mental illness. He’s a true narcissist and he also doesn’t read books. In other words he’s an uneducated, attention-whore. It’s really not that complicated. So instead of concentrating on his kids (who should be the number 1 priority in life), continuing to make great music, starting some music schools around the globe, re-connecting to God, reading a few books here and there and finding himself a fine, strong and intelligent Christian woman who will challange him when she has to, but also stand by him during the good and the bad, because he has no one in his inner circle that he actually listens to and respects, Kanye will continue to be Kanye while also putting himself and his kids in danger with is idiot words.

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