10-Year-Old Wisconsin Boy Charged as Adult in Alleged Killing of Mom over Amazon Purchase

A 10-year-old boy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is being charged as an adult after allegedly shooting and killing his 44-year-old mother last week because he was mad she wouldn’t buy him a video game headset from Amazon.  The boy faces a first-degree murder charge and up to 60 years in prison if convicted in the fatal shooting. The boy, who family members said has mental health issues, is being held in juvenile detention.

Fuck his age. This little monster knew exactly what he was doing to the point that he ordered the game that his mom wouldn’t purchase for him, right after killing her. I don’t believe in the death penalty, but yeah this kid should should stay locked up for the rest of his life because despite his age he knew what he was doing.

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  1. This was a heinous crime, but I do not see how a 10 year old can be charged as an adult. A kid this age who would shoot his mother may well be psychopathic. He needs evaluation & treatment. If after treatment if he is judged to be a danger to himself & others, then at 18, he can be sent to adult prison or an institution for the criminally insane. If he is truly psychopathic, he may well kill again. A very tragic situation for his mother, him & his family.


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