Colorado ‘MAGA’ Republican Lauren Boebert Wins Re-Election for House Seat

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) announced “We won!” on Thursday night, declaring victory in her bid for reelection to Congress, which news outlets still dub too close to call and likely headed for a recount. As of Friday morning, Boebert leads her Democratic opponent, Adam Frisch, by less than 0.2 percentage points or some 550 votes.

While it’s concerning that it took this long to count all the votes in Boebert’s race, it should also be concerning to Trump fans that she barely won a seat in a Republican +9 district. Somewhere too, AOC was heard cursing loudly the minute she got this news.

RELATED: Surprise: Frisch concedes to Boebert in CO-3 race going to mandated recount

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