University of Virginia Alleged Shooter Christopher Darnell Jones Faced Hazing Probe as Football Player

The former University of Virginia football player accused of shooting five of his former teammates, including three fatally, on a charter bus after returning from a class field trip Sunday night had faced a prior hazing investigation, but the matter had been closed, according to UVA campus police.  Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. – apprehended off-campus following a 12-hour manhunt and exhaustive, building-by-building search of the UVA grounds – also was facing a pending disciplinary matter after failing to report a prior February 2021 criminal matter involving a concealed weapon violation that occurred outside of Charlottesville as required of all students attending the D1 university. A former UVA football player, Jones had not been on the team for more than a year. 

Looks like he targeted those players…so tragic.

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