Professional Race-Baiter Sunny Hostin Compares White Suburban Women Voting Republican to ‘Roaches Voting For Raid’

The View’s Sunny Hostin held a contentious tete-a-tete with co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin when she likened White, suburban, Republican-supporting female voters to “roaches” asking for pesticide. The dust-up happened on Thursday as The View discussed whether Republicans have done a better job than Democrats of making their case to voters ahead of the midterm elections. Hostin got in on this by citing a poll and expressing her surprise that Republican efforts to limit abortion haven’t drawn greater opposition from female suburban voters.

I don’t know why anybody who’s been paying attention to ‘The View’ with Sunny as a co-host would be surprised by this. Sunny has long been a professional race-baiter and this is what she does. She literally hates Republicans and says it aloud almost every day. So you’re either with her or against her. There’s no middle ground. No compromise. She doesn’t care about facts or coming off as a hypocrite or what Democrats have or haven’t actually done for Black folks. Vote Democrat or die, that’s truly her m.o. And she gets paid very handsomely for that. Just ask her real-life buddies like fellow professional race-baiters Joy Reid and Tiffany Cross over at MSNBC. Indeed, this is Sunny at her best so kill the ‘outrage’, much less any fake apology she’s forced to spout out tomorrow.

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