Jon Stewart Comes Out as a Real Asshole, Supports ‘Gender-Affirming’ Mutilation of Kids Without Parents Consent

Comedian Jon Stewart received a rush of accolades on Twitter Friday after a trailer for the new season of his talk show was posted showing a glimpse of an interview with Republican Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. In the six-minute video posted by The Problem with Jon Stewart, Rutledge is grilled by Stewart over her state’s ban on gender-affirming care, which the talk show host argues “overrides” the guidelines laid out by health care professionals.

To make up for past tranny jokes as well as past takedowsn of uber-liberals like Stephen Colbert that made conservatives actually start to like him for calling it down the middle, Jon Stewart now supports kids getting injected with drugs and puberty blockers that alter their bodies and can’t be reversed. What an asswipe. But this AG needs to be dissed too for not defending her state’s position clearly.

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