Gay Actor Billy Eichner Angry After His Homosexual Flick ‘Bros’ Flops at the Box Office

Actor Billy Eichner was mocked on Twitter for complaining that “straight people” didn’t go see his film, while also warning “homophobes” to skip it. The comedian stars in the Judd Apatow-produced LGBTQ romantic comedy “Bros,” which tanked at the box office. The movie cost $22 million to make, but only earned $4.8 million its opening weekend, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Despite the film struggling to attract audiences, Eichner urged some people to not go see it.

Dude tried to pass off this BS flick as a regular ‘romance-comedy’ just with a bunch of gay dudes at the lead and trannies just in case you don’t think he’s woek enough and it didn’t work.
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