NWSL Player Jaelene Daniels Defies Gay Mafia and Sits Out Over Refusal to Wear Pride Jersey

Jaelene Daniels, a defender in the National Women’s Soccer League, did not participate in the North Carolina Courage’s game Friday night after refusing to wear a pride jersey, the team confirmed. A team spokesperson told media before the start of the game that Daniels, 29, would not be on the field over for Friday’s contest against the Washington Spirit due to her decision not to wear the Courage’s pride-themed jerseys. 

Good for her. Taking a God-first, principled stand against the Gay Mafia. After all, her ability to play the game is all that should matter, not her Christian beliefs.

RELATED: NWSL’s Courage sorry over re-signing Jaelene Daniels, who refused to wear USWNT gay pride jersey

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