Liberal-on-Liberal Violence: Charlamagne Tha God to Rapid Trump-Hater Ana Navarro: ‘Liz Cheney Is Not a Hero’

During an appearance on The View Monday morning, Charlamagne tha God–the host of The Breakfast Club–shredded Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), pushing back against the notion that she is an American political hero. Cheney has become a media darling in her efforts to expose the wrongdoings of former President Donald Trump while sitting on the House select committee investigating the Capitol riots of January 6th. The congresswoman has been vocal in her opposition to Trump, consistently arguing that his rhetoric and behavior are dangerous to democracy.

Of course, Charlamagne attacks Cheney from the Left because he’s a Lefty himself. But what amazes me is how a Leftist crowd so ingrained with TDS can totally whitewash Cheney and her dad’s huge role in the horrific Iraq War because they’re so obsessed with making sure Orange Man Bad doesn’t get another term.

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