National Review Exposes Former Trump Staffer Turned Never Trumper Alyssa Farah as a Fraud

In a February 2021 appearance on CNN, Alyssa Farah, who had recently stepped down as a communications director for the Trump White House, said it was “important for members of Congress to step up and condemn” the January 6 riot at the Capitol. “And many have done that. I think Kevin McCarthy — you know, I give the leader credit — spoke out very plainly about the president’s role in it.” But when pressed on censuring President Trump, she demurred: “I think it’s an open question for Congress — I’m not going to play judge and jury on that,” she told the CNN host. “But I also think the country needs to move on from this moment. I don’t think we benefit from re-litigating, over and over, what happened that day. We need to be moving forward.”

‘The View’ is already a cesspool of liberal bias, lies and stupidity. Can you imagine a show where all 5 hosts hate Trump?

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