California Ex-Trans Teen Chloe Cole Backs Florida Ban on Medicaid Funds for Transgender Medical Interventions

A California teen girl who once identified as transgender and took hormones and underwent surgery to affirm such an identity spoke out in favor of a Florida rule blocking Medicaid funds from paying for medical interventions for gender dysphoria. “I really didn’t understand all of the ramifications of any of the medical decisions that I was making,” Chloe Cole, 17, said at a public hearing Friday. She said she was medically transitioned from ages 13 to 16, taking so-called puberty-blocking drugs and testosterone, and undergoing surgery to remove her breasts at age 15. “I was unknowingly physically cutting off my true self from my body, irreversibly and painfully.”

Mr. DeSantis, will you please be my President? You wanna do something stupid and risky like inject puberty blockers into yourself because your dumb ass ‘thinks’ that you were born the wrong gender? Do it when you’re an adult and with your own damn money.

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