Joe Biden Signs $3.2B Dollar Deal with Huge Campaign Donor Pfizer for More COVID Booster Shots

Just one day after FDA advisers voted to tweak future COVID-19 booster shots, pandemic powerhouse Pfizer has inked yet another U.S. supply deal for its BioNTech-partnered mRNA shot. The government’s premium purchase price suggests the pandemic market’s commercial pivot may still be a ways off, one group of analysts contend. Ahead of this fall’s vaccination push, the U.S. has laid out $3.2 billion for another 105 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech’s mRNA shot Comirnaty, with options in place to secure another 195 million doses further down the line. The shipment, which could start delivery as soon as late summer, will include 30-microgram, 10-microgram and 3-microgram doses, covering both adult and pediatric versions of the vaccine. The deal breaks down to around $30.50 per dose.

No clinical trials?

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