Liz Cheney’s J6 Committee’s Negligence on Trump Attacking USSS Agent Rumor Keeps Getting Worse

The January 6 Committee’s star witness’ credibility continues to take hits. It’s been revealed the committee did not reach out to the Secret Service to inquire about Cassidy Hutchinson’s claim that she heard former President Donald Trump attack an agent and try to drive a vehicle after being told he was not going to the U.S. Capitol during the riot. Politico reports Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said in the 10 days before the Hutchinson hearing, the Jan. 6 committee did not reach out for more details regarding the alleged incident, which Hutchinson was not present for.

Now the Never Trumpers and resident Trump haters want you to discard Hutchinson’s lies about Trump beating up Secret Service and attempting to drive the limo and concentrate on her other testimony that’s totally believable because there’s no way she would lie.

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