Liberal Media and Trump Haters Give Credence to Hearsay Allegations Made by Disgruntled Ex-Aide to Mark Meadows Against Former President Trump

Former President Donald Trump Tuesday denied that he tried to grab the steering wheel of the “Beast” presidential limousine on Jan. 6 after a Secret Service agent told him he couldn’t go to the Capitol. Trump made the comments in the wake of Jan. 6 Committee hearing testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson, a former top aide to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. She said former Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Tony Ornato told her Trump tried to “grab at the steering wheel” of the “Beast” presidential limo, and Trump then lunged at the Secret Service agent in charge at the time.

First of all, it’s documented that Hutchinson wanted to work for Trump after January 6th. What person in their right mind would still want to work for a guy who attempted a ‘coup’ on the federal gov’t? Then there’s the fact that Hutchinson’s testimony was complete hearsay. Lastly, how exactly do you get the steering wheel in a limo unless you’re in the passenger seat? Which Trump surely couldn’t have been. But hey, when you have TDS you’ll believe anything if it’s possible that your boy will go to prison for his ‘evil’ misdeeds.

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