January 6 Mob Got Within 40 Feet of Mike Pence, Who Refused to be Evacuated for World to See

Greg Jacob, Vice President Mike Pence’s general counsel, testified before the Jan. 6 Committee hearing on Thursday that Pence refused to leave the U.S. Capitol despite the danger to his life because of the message it would send internationally about the state of U.S. democracy. “Approximately 40 feet, that’s all there was. 40 feet between the vice president and the mob. Mr. Jacob, you were there. Seeing that for the first time. Does it surprise you to see how close the mob was to the evacuation route? 40 feet is the distance from me to you roughly,” said Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA) to Jacob.

There’s been no VP who was as loyal to the President as Mike Pence was to Trump. And this is the thanks he got in the end.

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