Pro-Impeachment GOP Rep. Tom Rice Loses Primary to Trump-Endorsed Russell Fry

Former President Donald Trump has gone 1-for-2 in his endorsements of challengers to incumbent members of Congress from South Carolina. Rep. Tom Rice, one of just 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump after the Capitol riot, has been defeated in a GOP primary by a Trump-backed challenger. According to a race call by The Associated Press, South Carolina state Rep. Russell Fry, who had Trump’s endorsement, has easily topped Rice, a five-term U.S. representative, giving Fry the 7th District’s Republican nomination.

What a jackass. First he impeaches Trump over January 6th. Then Rice embraces the liberal media and Never Trumpers to brag and double-down on his impeachment vote, badmouth Trump and even goes as far as to suggest Liz Cheney be the new Speaker of the House. Yeah ok. He deserved to lose.

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