Washington Post Fires Bipolar Reporter Felicia Sonmez Following Days of Tweetstorms Attacking Paper, Colleagues

Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez has reportedly been fired from the paper following a week of internecine warfare online, the Daily Beast reported first on Thursday. The Beast first reported that Sonmez and the paper had parted ways, but soon added they’d confirmed Sonmez had been fired. The news comes just days after colleague Dave Weigel was suspended without pay for the retweet that precipitated the continuous, nearly week-long series of Twitter threads from Sonmez.

She was on Day 7 of tweeting about WaPo’s alleged ‘sexism’ etc all the while bullying any colleague to dared to criticize and disagree with her tweets. In other words, she wanted to get fired and I’m guessing that she’ll be filing a lawsuit soon against WaPo sooner than later…because yunno, she’s kind of a crazy narcissist.

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