Laura Ingraham Defends Fox News Not Airing Jan. 6 Hearing: We ‘Cater to Our Audience’

A two-hour special on the hearings will air at 11 p.m., and the Fox News website will also show them. “They’re all upset that Fox isn’t covering it live,” Ingraham said during a panel discussion with former Trump adviser Stephen Miller and conservative commentator Mollie Hemmingway. “We actually do something called, you know, cater[ing] to our audience. Our audience knows what this is. We’ll cover it—we’ll do plenty of coverage.”

The Trump-haters really out here telling you that you should ignore record-high gas prices, inflation, illegal immigration, being on the cusp of WW3, baby formula shortage, rising crime etc for Nancy Pelosi’s partisan, hand-picked shitshow.

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