Report: CNN Boss Chris Licht Could Force Out Anchors Who Are Too Partisan

CNN’s new boss Chris Licht is monitoring anchors to ensure their tone follows the network’s plan to become less partisan — and personalities who are unable to follow the directive could be forced out, according to a report. Licht, who is leading a push toward more fact-driven coverage, is said to be reviewing whether particular anchors and CNN shows can adhere to the shift. Anchors who are unable to “adjust to a less partisan tone and strategy” could be removed from their posts, Axios reported, citing three sources familiar with the matter.

Personally, like some are alluding too, I don’t think CNN could fire Don Lemon because he actually gets decent ratings and when it comes to identity politics, Lemon being black and gay garners him plenty of leverage. But sounds like Acosta and Stelter may be out of a job soon if this news is true. Of course, they could both find a home and fit right in over at MSNBC so those two will be fine.

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