Liberal Man with Gun Arrested Outside Brett Kavanaugh’s Home, Told Police He Wanted to Assassinate Supreme Court Justice

A man was arrested early Wednesday morning near the home of Brett Kavanaugh for allegedly attempting to assassinate the Supreme Court justice, the Court confirmed. The suspect, a 26-year-old male, told law enforcement he wanted to kill Kavanaugh. The man, whose name is unknown to the public, reportedly last lived in Seattle and has a California driver’s license. “The man apparently did not make it on to Kavanaugh’s property in Montgomery County, but he was stopped on a nearby street,” reported The Washington Post, citing sources familiar with the investigation.

Well, we all know that if something like this happened to say Justice Sotomayor, Tucker Carlson especially and all of FOX News would get the blame no matter how wrong and ass-backwards that is. So to be fair, I’m blaming Joy Reid and Chuck Schumer for thsi one and call for all of them to resign.

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