In Wake of Texas Mass Shooting, Fatherlessness Gets Put in the Spotlight

When tragedy strikes, we tend to be left with more questions than answers. As we grieve, those initial questions lead us to search out who or what we can blame it on. We want an immediate, simple solution for often-complex situations. Every publicized mass-shooting incident elicits the same rhetoric of gun control from the “left” and reactionary gun-rights protection from the “right.” We dig into the assailant’s social-media history to find out what he was interested in and inquire about his video-game usage. We do everything possible to find the root cause of a broken man showing such disregard for life — yet we consistently overlook a significant contributing factor: fatherlessness.

Of course if you’re a liberal and believe that kids just need ‘love’ in the home regardless of gender, you’re against the impact of fathers missing from the household.

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