Liberals Seeking To Cancel Yankees 3rd Baseman Josh Donaldson for Allegedly ‘Racist’ Remark He’s Been Using for Years

The Chicago White Sox on Saturday accused New York Yankees slugger Josh Donaldson of making a racist comment directed at Chicago shortstop Tim Anderson. After the Yankees’ 7-5 win in New York, Anderson, who is Black, said Donaldson referred to him as “Jackie” during the game, a reference to MLB legend Jackie Robinson.  “He just made a, you know, disrespectful comment,” Anderson told reporters. “Basically, it was trying to call me Jackie Robinson. Like, ‘What’s up, Jackie?’ I don’t play like that. I don’t really play at all. 

So after Anderson referred to himself as ‘Jackie Robinson’ in a website article some years back, Donaldson picked up on it and started playfully calling him ‘Jackie’. Anderson knew this already and even laughed about it in the past. But now we’re in 2022 where wokeness rules and despite the fact that the longtime vet that is Donaldson has never been accused of racism in the past, suddenly he is one now.

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