Bill Maher Says Trans is ‘Trendy’ But Maybe There Are ‘Solutions’ For Struggling Youth Besides ‘Hand Me the Dick Saw’

Bill Maher said on Friday that people should be allowed to ask questions about the human race “changing at a previously unprecedented rate” without it being attributed to bigotry, especially when it comes to kids. “we’re literally experimenting on children,” he said of puberty blockers and other measures that are part of an LGBTQ “trend” among America’s youth. “New Rule: If something about the human race is changing at a previously unprecedented rate, we have to at least discuss it,” said Maher in the popular recurring segment. He pointed out the massive trend upward in the LGBT population of the United States, from less than 1% before 1946 to the whopping 20.85% of Gen Z self-identifying.

I been saying that this country is going to be predominantly gay sooner than you think.

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