Elon Mush Says Twitter Deal ‘Temporarily on Hold’ Due to Spam

Twitter staff must really be wishing for a quiet life… Elon Musk, the gadfly billionaire who recently decided he wants to add the social media platform to his collection of tech firms, has just tweeted that his $43 billion bid to buy the company is “on hold pending details supporting calculation that spam/fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users”. Given Musk’s propensity for trolling it’s pretty hard to know whether this is A) a serious concern that is B) actually putting the deal on hold because C) Musk is getting cold feet; or whether it’s, D), an attempt to exploit the downward trajectory of Twitter’s share price in recent days to try to renegotiate a lower price to buy it. (Or, E), more Musk shitposting — with who knows what legal consequences.)

If this deal doesn’t end up going through, i don’t ever want to hear from this guy again.

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