But, Of Course: Idiot ‘The View’ Co-Host and Professional Race-Baiter Sunny Hostin Blames Donald Trump for Dave Chappelle Attack

Donald Trump’s presidency sparked a shock wave of violence, according to the women of “The View.” Following the shocking assault of comedian Dave Chappelle on Tuesday, host Sunny Hostin blamed Trump as the catalyst behind a spate of brazen attacks, claiming that he “released some incivility” across the country. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg prompted Hostin’s accusation during Wednesday’s episode, asking “The View” panel, “What do you think is happening? I mean, it’s happening on airplanes, it’s happening on street corners.”

Sunny Hostin is a very stupid person who should never be taken seriously. That said, how the hell does a guy get a fake gun with a knife in it into a comedy event in the first place? Thank goodness Dave came out ok.

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