Megyn Kelly: Ron DeSantis’ Disney Jab Over ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Could Be Overturned

Veteran media personality Megyn Kelly warned that a Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis-led effort to revoke Disney’s special tax district following a flap over the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law could be overturned if it faces a legal challenge. Kelly detailed her concerns about DeSantis’ action against Disney during Monday’s episode of her podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show” — noting the Republican governor and prospective 2024 presidential candidate has been “very clear” the move was a response to the Mouse House’s public criticism of the law.

A couple of points that always seem to be missing from “conservative” critics of Ron DeSantis in this whole affair with Disney is how Disney didn’t just utilize their free speech to speak out the Parents Rights bill, they completely lied about its language to the point that you know they didn’t even read it. Instead relying on the blowhards on MSNBC etc for a narrative built on lies, distortions and hearspeak. Then too is the point of how far the Left has gone to silence and boot conservatives from the public square as well as the Disney videos we saw embracing grooming etc. So sure, Desantis may get sued and he ,ay lose in court, but considering how far the Left goes in attempting to destroy conservatives people and ideologies, any critic of DeSantis in this case can go kick rocks.

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