Two Years After ‘Coming Out’ as ‘Pansexual’, Atheist Female Singer Janelle Monae Now Identifies as ‘Non-Binary’

Janelle Monáe is clarifying her gender identity. On an episode of Red Table Talk, the singer declared that she is nonbinary. The 36-year-old previously came out as pansexual, meaning that she’s attracted to people regardless of their sex or gender identity, in 2018 when she was on the cover of Rolling Stone. In 2020, she seemed to identify as nonbinary when she retweeted a meme with the hashtag #IAmNonbinary before telling Variety that she was “exploring.” On Wednesday, she explained just how she’s come to terms with who she is.

As much as the unGodly Left tries to confuse you, this isn’t complicated folks. Janelle Monae is a woman. She was born with a vagina, except for rare exceptions she has X X chromosones, she menstruates and unless she has a medical condition that the public is not aware of, she is able to bear children, something a man can not do. God created two genders. The problem with atheists like Monae is that she has been indoctrinated by the cult of white liberal orthodoxy and has put lust, money, power and fame ahead of God’s teachings. One can only pray that Janelle soon receives the healing she so desperately needs and finds a path back to God. And yes, the fact that Janelle would ‘out’ herself on a toxic show like ‘Red Table Talk” does speak volumes what with recent events involving the Smith family.

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