Female Detransitioner Helena Kerschner Speaks on the Psychotic Manipulation Liberals Use to Exploit and Transition Kids

A former trans-identified woman who has de-transitioned is stressing the importance of treating those struggling with gender dysphoria “the same way we would treat any other young person who’s struggling with mental health issues” instead of allowing them to alter their bodies permanently. Helena Kerschner, a 22-year-old de-transitioned woman who once identified as a transgender man, shared her story last Friday at the Q 2021 Culture Summit with the Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender President Preston Sprinkle.

When I was growing up we had ‘tomboys’, girls who didn’t like to dress girly, liked to play rough sports like football and could kick a guy’s ass if need be. But even tho they preferred to play with the boys, dress down and gave a big ‘F U’ to Barbie and friends, at the end of the day they accepted that they were girls and just learned on their own to live with thier bodies–or in many cases grow out of it because that’s what young people often do. But now thanks to unGodly liberals, tomboys would be treated for ‘gender dysphoria’ and manipulated and exploited to the point of wanting to ‘change’ their gender. Because this is the world that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are forcing us to live in.

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