Former BLM Leader Patrisse Cullors Says She’s ‘Triggered’ by Questions into How She Got $6M Mansion

As the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation comes under scrutiny over its purchase of a $5.8 million Los Angeles mansion, co-founder Patrisse Cullors blasted standard financial disclosure forms as “triggering” and “unsafe.” “It is such a trip to hear the term ‘990,’” Cullors said during an event Friday, according to the Washington Examiner. She was referring to IRS Form 990, which charities are required to file every year to disclose their financial activities. “I’m like, ugh. It’s, like, triggering,” she added, saying that she “actually did not know” what the form was before “all this happened.” Cullors went on to claim filing the financial disclosure forms “doesn’t seem safe for us.” 

An organization led by black dykes is not an organization that cares about racism or black people. And Cullors’ amazing ability to gaslight when the topic of transparency is brought up just shows the level of unGodliness we’re dealing with here.

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